Find out about the brands that changed the world, or get inspired by the latest contemporary home decor, product design and interior design.


Plethora is a design blog created by two designers based in the UK, who value and appreciate well-designed objects and surroundings. We recognise design is a big part of our life and the idea of Plethora originated to fill our need of finding great design products in one (online) place.

The history and stories of each company, design, product and their founders, designers and creators are fascinating. It speaks volumes of what makes a good brand that endures through time. Our blog posts intend to give a brief outline of key moments that we find inspiring.

All products are selected carefully by us; they are personal preferences coming from experience (things in our possession) as well as 'wish lists' we've made through the years.

We hope that other people will find this design-focused website beneficial and insightful.